Process mapping


The mapping of processes enables an understanding of how business activities work.

With this procedure the company can better understand the relationship between the chart of accounts and the fiscal accounting. The objective of this analysis is to identify obstacles that hamper the flow of activities and help in the continuous improvement of processes with the implementation of strategies, methodologies, techniques and technologies to make them more efficient.

With the mapping of accounting processes you can eliminate wasted time and unnecessary actions, standardize and automate various activities, monitor and control flows and results. When mapping accounting processes, the manager will have a clearer view of the flowcharts to analyze the most critical points, such as those that produce negative impacts such as delays, rework and cost increases.

It is necessary to elaborate the flow chart of the accounting processes to identify the inputs and outputs of information, the people responsible for those procedures, how these activities are performed, the critical points, the causes and the risks. This study will show which actions need to be modified in order to improve the results of these processes. With process modeling, the company is able to standardize activities and reduce errors in accounting bookkeeping.

It is important to monitor the results after the changes. In this way, the company will be more certain that the measures adopted are having the desired effect. Otherwise, you will need to redo the mapping until you find the best solutions. When changes occur in legislation, the company must re-evaluate the flowcharts in order to update them.