Accounting Audit

The accounting audit aims to analyze the financial and fiscal situation of the company. This type of control is very important to ascertain, in time, errors that could compromise the company's situation with respect to tax liabilities and finances. It is an internal control of extreme importance for the company to verify that all the procedures are being carried out in compliance with the legal requirements.In order to perform this work, it is necessary to examine the accounting documents, such as, for example, the Balance Sheet, the Statement of Income for the Year and the Cash Flow; declarations and obligatory payments to government agencies (Federal Revenue, State Secretariat of Finance and Municipal Treasury). The accounting auditor needs all the information to make the analysis detailed and accurate.

How important is accounting audit?

  • Identification of errors, negligence and / or attempted fraud
  • Reduces the risks of administrative improbability
  • Points out inefficient and ineffective procedures, which should be replaced by other working methods
  • Improve control of company obligations, rights and assets
  • Pay attention to the agenda of tax obligations, avoiding penalties imposed by inspection
  • Reduce company spending with unnecessary payments
  • More accuracy in bookkeeping and accounting results
  • More careful analysis of company resources for socio-environmental actions.