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The main objective of the Accounting Audit is to verify if the financial statements adequately reflect the financial, economic and economic situation of the companies.

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of costs

Many companies, institutions and organizations know their importance and contract the services of specialized accounting offices.

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Quality business management is fundamental for a business to have financial health and, in this way, manage to dribble the economic crisis.

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The mapping of processes enables an understanding of how business activities work.

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Our company

Opes provides financial and accounting consulting services to small, medium and large companies in all regions of Brazil. With proven expertise, Opes understands and meets the needs of your business. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, we serve the most demanding clients.


Aim and execute solutions that generate financial growth and accounting organization for our clients. Our management model ensures satisfaction and tranquility.


To be the reference company in the market of accounting and financial services and the promoter of a new form of relationship that results in the best cost / benefit added.


Acting professionally and ethically based on a committed work of the team of collaborators with strong social performance in the environment in which they live.

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